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"The Angel Numbers" refers to numbers you might see around in a daily basis that might mean something more. It’s a belief in spirituality  & numerology that they can convey something about your life. You might see these numbers on billboards, or a digital watch or on objects. For example 1:11 on the clock represents 111. These are the repeating numbers & their meanings. 

  • 111: It represents progress in your life. You are thinking thoughts that are fresh, new & healthy
  • 222: This represents support. If you are working on a project, or a relationship, and you see this number, it means to keep going and it’ll lead you to the right places
  • 333: It’s a reminder that you are loved and that there are beings around you to support you and love you every step of the way
  • 444: It means that a recent decision or thought you made was the correct one
  • 555: A major change is headed your way. Don’t be afraid of it. Accept it. 
  • 666: Your thoughts are out of balance, and you are focusing too much on the negative
  • 777: Something amazing is about to happen. It’s a positive sign and you have definitly learned something.
  • 888: A phase of your life is about to end. It also means to make your move and don’t wait for it, go for it. 
  • 999: This represents completion. You’ve definitly learned something that will help you. For example, It could be after a bad break up, when you finally learned to let go and move on. 

More Numbers & Their Meanings

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